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Adam Momot aka Piotr Walker
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Adam has stated that if you do not hear and see the Word of God in his "prophet" Elisabeth's prophecies, then you are reprobate.

Adam Momot aka Piotr Walker is the husband of the current commander in chief of the Amightywind cult (YahsLittleOne). He is a member of the Amightywind cult, led by self-professed "prophetess" Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia.

Amightywind and its webmaster Coenrad Nel has set-up a number of websites that defame a number of Christians who have come against this cult, labling - without evidence - invididuals as "pedophiles," "shamans," "voodoo practitioners," murderers, "vampires," and adulterers.

Amightywind idolizes their leader, Elisabeth Elijah, and treats her words as Gospel. Among other things, this cult believes that aliens live among us, that aliens will lead the way for a false rapture, that there will be a day in the future when the name Jesus will hold no power, that the Holy Spirit is female, and that if you come against this thinking that the Holy Spirit is female, you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit and are therefore forever reprobate.

They publically curse those who come against them and treat David's imprecatory psalms as guidelines to follow with those who disagree with them. When they are countered with Jesus' very own words of the greatest commandments and that disciples of Christ are called to bless and not curse, they proclaim that this verse is taken out of context.

They also are a Lordship Salvation organization, believing falsely that God keeps a "report card" on all that they do, and if they don't score a certain score, they are potentially hellbound. They have little understanding of God's saving grace, that it is not anything about what they do or have done. It is about what JESUS has done.

They will falsely claim that this true Gospel is, in fact, a license to sin. This is an outright lie.

Their constant lying should not be surprising. While this group professes to follow the ten commandments, they fail at just about all of them, except for keeping the Sabbath. Proof of this fact just requires a brief glimpse at this alleged ministry's wicked work on behalf of the cult leader, Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia.

Please join me in praying for this individual and for the other members of this cult (including their leader), that they be delivered from this idolatrous cult, and focus their eyes on the one true God, Jesus Christ.